Amphora Roja 2020


The remarkable versatility of the Xarel·lo allows us to produce this natural, unique and amazing wine. It’s completely different from those traditionally made with this grape.

Fermented in amphorae which were especially made with clay from our estates, the same clay that was used by Iberians thousands of years ago.


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Bottle Capacity Clear

Icona raïm Parés Baltà100% Xarel·lo from old vines cultivated with Organic and Biodynamic farming.

Maridatge Parés BaltàRice, grilled and baked fish.

Icona temperatura de servei Parés BaltàServe at 10-12ºC.

Icona Premsa Parés BaltàNatural alcoholic fermentation, with wild yeasts, in clay amphorae. The porosity of the amphorae causes an hiperoxidation precipitating all the oxidable particles down. The result is a clean and clear wine.

Icona bota Parés BaltàUnoaked.

Icona aspecte visual Parés BaltàLight yellow. The cleanest, clearest and most transparent wine from Parés Baltà.

Icona nota de tast en nasIn the nose is complete, elegant and with notes of white fruit aromas. We could also find a subtle aroma of banana.

Icona sabor-gustIn the palate is very complex. We could find again the white fruit aromas and we could appreciate a note of toasted almond.

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Certified Organic
Agriculture by CCPAE

Certified Biodynamic
Agriculture by Demeter


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